Mezcal Nacional produces truly premium mezcales that commemorate important events in Mexico’s past with each expression.



Mezcal Nacional 1931 recalls the terrible effects of nature that occurred in 1931.

In 1931, Oaxaca was shaken by a devastating earthquake. Although much of Oaxaca was destroyed, its people were never defeated. Mezcal Nacional 1931 was created as a tribute to the great people of Oaxaca who lost much in 1931, but who never lost the courage, hope, and determination to persevere.

Mezcal Nacional 1931 is produced from wild agave tobalá, among the most prized of the agaves. Agave tobalá yields Mezcal Nacional 1931, a complex and elegant mezcal, and a worthy tribute to Oaxaca and its people.



Mezcal Nacional 1937 commemorates the illumination of a nation through innovation and a determination to emerge from the shadows. In 1937, then Mexican President Lázaro Cárdenas created the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) at a time when only a fraction of the country’s population had electricity. The objective was no less than to illuminate the night with electric innovation and the brightness of a multitude of incandescent bulbs. Mezcal Nacional 1937 recognizes the CFE through a truly electric mezcal.


Nacional 1937 is made with wild agave cirial in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca using strictly artisanal methods.  Nacional 1937 is a complex flavor-forward electric mezcal to commemorate the creation of the noble goal of the Federal Electricity Commission.



Mezcal Nacional 1938 recalls the events of 1938, a time of great hardships, but also a time that demonstrated a great desire for self-determination of the Mexican people.

In 1938, the Mexican government declared oil reserves within Mexico belonged to the nation.  Nationalization, however, came at a heavy price as it precipitated an international boycott of Mexico.  The boycott caused great economic strain to a country already in the midst of a worldwide economic depression.  Mezcal Nacional 1938 seeks to recognize the sacrifice and resolve of the Mexican people through the careful preparation of a superb ensamble.

Mezcal Nacional 1938 is an ensamble produced from wild agave cirial and cultivated agave espadín.  Ensambles require extra care as they are produced by combining an optimum ratio of cirial and espadín piñas prior to cooking, crushing, fermentation, and distillation.  The maestro meszcalero must carefully pre-determine the optimum ratio of agave varieties to yield the best possible ensamble.  Needless to say, the optimal agave ratio is a closely guarded secret.  We can, however, say that this process produces an approachable, well-balanced, and truly flavorful mezcal that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.  A mezcal perfectly suited for recognizing the sacrifices of 1938.